Get Him to Beg You to Take Him Back

So that you not only want your boyfriend to take you back, but you also want him to come begging for you to take him back. This is kind of cruel, but hey, we all have our factor, right? If you want your boyfriend to come crawling back then you have to convince him which he is missing out on a good thing, and not just is he missing out on a good thing, but he will never find someone else just like you in his life.

Your boyfriend will be begging you to definitely give him a second chance once he or she sees or you make him think that no other women can love him the way you do. Here are a few ways to get below his skin.

Ignore him for a while

This is an outdated tactic, but it works pretty well. In case you ignore your ex boyfriend he will assume you have found someone else. When people break up they often want the other person to harm for a while, or they want to be the initial person to move on. Don’ capital t give your ex boyfriend the fulfillment of seeing you sulk or cry over him.

You’ ll just boost his ego and make him believe he must be really some thing if he was able to have this type of effect on you. Ignore him completely, don’ t try to beg him for a reason why he broke up with you or try to convince him the reason why he should want to be with you in the first place. Ignore him and you’ ll attract his attention.

Flirt with other men

You are able to wait until he comes around then flirt with other guys in front of him. This will let him know that you are moving on along with your life and not spending time thinking about the reason why he dumped you. Your ex may want you to believe that you’ ll by no means find a man like him once again, or that you are not desirable to other men. Let him know otherwise by allowing him see other guys plead for your attention.

If he sees that other people want you he may get the sense that he is missing out on some thing. The more value other guys put in you or the more you can make your self desirable to other guys the more he’ ll want you back if not just to keep you from the other men.

Place your best foot forward with other people

Place your best foot forward with other people you meet. Here is what I mean – you want your ex to see you making it easier for other guys to obtain along with you than what you may have managed to get for him.

Don’ t get me wrong; I actually don’ t mean that you should be promiscuous, I just mean giving him the illusion that you are. To add a little offend to injury, try to do it with guys whom you think he thinks he is superior to. If the cool hip guy has to jump through a mil hoops to get with you, and the nerdy guy seemingly gets you without trouble at all this will drive him nuts.

These tips may seem silly, but trust me they do work if you take them seriously.

7 Responses to “Get Him to Beg You to Take Him Back”

  • Cpt Excelsior:

    What if a woman is going to do something stupid. You can stop it but you have to beg and plead. The purpose of doing this is so her ego doesn’t get in the way and cloud her judgement. Is it ok for this situation for a man to supplicate this way?
    For example, she might go to work in a strip bar, but you think she deserves better.

  • Alina Elliott:

    So I’ve been with a really hot Chinese girl for about a month. She is a 21 year old student, I am a 32 year old teacher, also is really physically beautiful. She came to visit me for a couple weeks durring the holliday. She volunteered that before she came over two weeks ago that she slept with her ex boyfriend for one last night before she took the train to my house. She hates the guy, but I guess wanted to see how he was doing. She did this one week into our relationship. I basically told her to never call or text me anymore and never to see me again. She has been BEGGING me to take her back and does the typical appology thing over and over. (so many stupid text messages; for example, how she’ll get a tatoo with my name on it to prove her new found faithfulness)

    Yesterday, against my will, she left her family and spent the last of her money to take an 8 hour bus ride to come to my house. I again, told her to go f*k herself and she ruined the relationship. This was in a public place, and I kinda made a sceen about how she had sex with her ex.. Yes I did the sex motions and everything.. A lot of people were looking at us, and she felt really really dumb. But she still kept talking about how I’m the only man she wants to love forever and ever.. And she will never do this again.

    The girl followed me to my house, and was saying how cold and hungry she was.. So I let her in my house if she promised not to touch or have sex with me, and she could leave in the morning. She hasn’t stopped begging.. So I told her I would take her back only if I could F*k her in the @$$ as much as I wanted for as long as we are together. What guy doesn’t want to do that to a hot chinese girl forever? Plus it would allow her to pay for what she did and prove her love. She was so happy when I suggested this.

    My question is.. Is this situation really too F*ked up for reality? Do you guys this this would be adequate payment for cheating? Or should I just kick her to the curb? In our short relationship we really did bond, which is why she hates that she slept with her ex. I told her she should just forget about me and find a new guy. But she really won’t leave and thinks I’m the one for her.

    Should I just enjoy the physical pleasures of her Buttox and see if we can form a trusting bonding relationship one day soon? I know this was an evil thought of me, becuase I was so angry at her. But I can’t get the thought of her ex out of my mind. And any guy would understand what I’m thinking.. Also, she is a small asian girl, and I’m a pretty big white guy, so it’s hard to get it in there (have tried 3 times with no success)…

    I know I’m evil for this, but I wanted to know if you guys think this is worth it for a cheater. we might bond again one day.. if i can forgive and forget.. untill then f*k her in the butt. Thoughts? I also appreciate harsh judgments on my personal character.

  • toysruslover:

    and does this make sense

    He said that he would come to the party, but he didn’t begging off his mother’s illness.

    if not what else can I use? like he made an excuse of his mother’s illness.

  • Sir fliesalot:

    when begging is not begging …….
    If someone is working then how one can call this begging .

  • Jeff:

    I’ve been looking whats the name for the songs that the lyrics are begging you, heard it on the radio few times. Not the madcon song

  • Picean:

    “I begged and pleaded, but she was still adamant in her decision.”

    What is the difference between begging and pleading? Are these terms just simply interchangable?
    Also, did I use “Adamant” correctly?

  • ademuth93:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me about half a year ago.
    For some reason, i still have dreams about him, sometimes for day after day at a time.
    I dream of us kissing, as if we were still together, and just letting each other know how much we loved each other, like we used to do sometimes.
    I don’t really see him around school anymore, let alone think of him.
    And I wouldn’t say that i still love him either.

    Why am i still having these dreams? half a year later?

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