How can i Forget About My Ex Girlfriend Now? Separation Tips to Help Men Move On With Their Lives

It doesn’ t matter if you were the one to do the breaking up or if you were dumped – break ups suck and that is just the cold hard truth. They leave you with this intense pain in your coronary heart and it affects everything you do in your entire day. You can’ t eat, a person can’ t sleep and you just can’ t do anything that you want mainly because, out of nowhere, you start thinking about the girl and it drives you crazy. When will it end?

Everyone you talk to maintains telling you that it will go away on time but you don’ t have period. You want it to go away now because you are fed up with it. You don’ t want to feel this particular pain in your heart for a time longer. You just want to forget about her and move on. How do you do that? How do you overlook your ex girlfriend now?

You will be pleased and relieved to know that there are breakup tips to help men move on with their lives and they are among the best ways to get a fresh start. Now, you can move on and you can forget about her. You don’ t have to feel like this is a burden on your life for another time. It’ s time to move on and then you’re ready.

The first breakup tip for men is to get out there and enjoy life. Sitting at home is not doing you worthwhile. If you want to forget about her, you need to distract yourself. Do something you have always desired to do but were hindered due to your relationship. That way, you get satisfaction doing something that you have always desired to do and you finally get to obtain that freedom. Being single could be wonderful and this is the first phase to remind you of that.

The second tip to forget about your ex is to literally get her out of your life permanently. Don’ t keep her number in your phone, block and remove her off Facebook and stop talking to her friends. You know you are only using her friends to get information on her and that is not healthy. If you really want to stop thinking about her, you should remove her from all areas of your life. Don’ t go to the pubs that she goes to and avoid anywhere that you think you might run into the girl. This will help, tremendously.

The final way to move on out of your breakup and truly start a new chapter is to take a vacation. Sometimes, all of us just need a break. Even if you can’ t afford a vacation, take a road trip someplace out of town with your boys for a hunting or fishing trip. Take action testosterone filled and fun. Expense only act as a great stress reliever but it will, more importantly, distract you and give you the fresh change of scenery that you need.

Getting through a breakup can be hard but it doesn’ t need to take all of that time that people keep referring to. Use these tips to move on quickly and forget about your ex girlfriend now.

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  • Chester:

    Me and my now ex-girlfriend broke up like 2 days ago because she didn’t love me anymore and she was feeling very guilty for making out with a guy while we were on break. Ever since than it’s like we were faking it, arguing a lot and being very distant. I have been trying to avoid the break up for ages because I unconditionally love her to bits and I still do. I miss her so much.

    So she has always texted back, and I have been trying to act as friendly and “calm” as possible and not sounding obsessed or upset or provoking what so ever. But I have a gut feeling that this won’t make her come back, or love me again. I am really scared that she will just forget about me in a couple of days because she is very sociable, and occasionally gets drunk. Guys are all over her too, it’s not hard for her to get a hook and I am scared shitless.

    Anything I can do or am I just building sand castles in my head that this will sort itself out and we can be a couple again ??
    I meant to say that “So far she has always texted FIRST”

    Dunno if it will make a difference but I am desperate :(

  • Ev dog:

    My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend sent him wine. He lied and said it was from a friend, but after I confronted him he said they were from his ex-gilfriend and that he didnt have control over it. I was jealous but dissapointed more than anything. It was a trust issue for me. What do you guys think? Should I forget him?

  • andresumoza:

    i have a ex girlfriend but i cant get over her cuzz i really love her,we both have strong feelings 4 each other but she said that she doesnt really need a boy friend….wat should i do????

  • Mathew:

    my ex girlfriend just dumped me… :(

  • Arminator:

    My boyfriend and I have been together officially for 5 months but have dated for 8 months. We are currently around 25 and 26 years old. He has a 19 year old ex-girlfriend who has created big problems in our relationship.

    Two years ago they were friends but turned into lovers (intimatly and were in love). Unfortunatly, the relationship ended because he realizes they were both at different stages of life. Shortly after they broke up, my boyfriend and I met after a month of their break up. They were still friends but once in a while she’ll tell him she loves him and misses him. He tolerates this and still kept her as friend. I struggled with it for a while until New Year’s Eve she called at 2 a.m. I was next to him and he flips his phone and states “Oh…it’s Sunny!” He then went back to bed. When he realized how it affected me he told her not to keep in touch with for the meantime. She called and yelled at him and was really upset. He assured me that it was over.

    Two weeks ago my boyfriend bumped into her at the university. They talked and she had a boyfriend. But within a few days she calls and told my boyfriend she wants to break up with her boyfriend. My boyfriend even gave her advices but went back on his words. I was very upset and told him how I felt. In front of me he called her and ended the friendship, deleted the number, and assured me how much he loved me and he doesn’t want to see me cry. After he did that, she wrote him a message on facebook stating, “Well…fine! Be a looser! You’re not invited my graduation, family gatherings, any special of that sort. Plus, good luck with conquoring your fears! I can’t believe you’ve became a jerk and especially someone I love as much as my family.” It was last night my boyfriend finally realized why it affected me so much because his ex wasn’t over him and expected them to be together. He deleted her profile and assured me it’s over for real.

    I trust my boyfriend. I need to know if me being upset was alright. I mean I didnt’ want to make it hard but I’ve been so patient with them being friends and understood their past. I do have the right to express my feelings, right? To make sure he understood me? Sometimes I feel his feelings still linger around her. However, I need to really get over it and try to make things better for him and me. I love him so much but I’m always worried what this ex would do to him if I’m not next to him. I told my boyfriend if she was a true friend, she would have respected him and his decisions and be happy that he is happy. But she came back at him in a rude way. What can I do to get over this whole drama? I’m always afraid she will do something to jeopardize my relationship with him.

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    Okay. Me and my girlfriend(ex) just broke up yesterday. She broke up with me because she thinks that it’s too awkward between us. We talk ALOT by text and AIM, but we don’t talk in person as much as we should. I knew this was going to be a problem. After 2 months of not doing anything about it, i finally decided im going to talk to her a lot and hug her more. So yesterday at my track meet, i was planning on telling her she did great in the meet and give her a hug and a kiss goodbye. I get my backpack and try to find her. She found me first and said:
    Hey, i think we should just be friends.
    I said alright. Because i didn’t wanna make a scene or anything.
    The next day, my friends were yelling at her sayin” you made a terrible mistake” and stuff like that. Then one of my friends talked to her and she said that she didn’t sleep at all that night. What does this mean?? Does she want me back? And its much more awkward now than before when we were together…Please how can i get her to want me back if she doesn’t already???Im sad…Help

  • musicistabest:

    At this point in my life I am terrified, desperate and down right miserable as I should be for this mistake that I might have made. My ex-girlfriend claims that she is seven weeks pregnant with my child. She states that she went to the doctor and took a urine pregnancy test which resulted positive. I myself have not seen the results of this test. When we first thought that she could’ve been pregnant about a month ago I rushed to the store to purchase a pregnancy test which resulted in a negative reading. She says that she is suffering from pregnancy like symptoms such as weight gain and vomiting. I have not seen her since the first time that we tested. Therefore I cannot validate any of this.

    I know for a fact that I do not love her. So I do not think marriage is in the question. However, in the event that she is pregnant and does have the child, what should I do care for it? I know it’s a little late for me making an attempt at responsibility, but I do not want to be another dead beat dad that the world is so full of. Please spare me the berating comments – I know I’ve made a grave mistake. Mainly what I want to know is how other people in a similar situation have coped and carried on with their lives while not ignoring the child aspect all together. Thank you.

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    Why did my ex girlfriend randomly text me? We broke up a while ago and I haven’t talk to her since. I deleted her number so I then i got a text from a number I didn’t know and I looked at my recent calls and it was her number. But why would she text me randomly? All she said was “Heyy . ” I don’t know if I should respond to this because I moved on in a better and happy relationship.

  • Kobe:

    So recently,I’ve been in a situation in my life where I’m wondering if ex girlfriends have the upper hand more so then the girlfriend. Like,if a guy and a girl break up and she decides to come back into his life even though he has a girlfriend what do you think would happen? He would go with the ex he had more history with or stick with the new girlfriend? The situation is the guy and girl broke up because like there was honest issues but they were so in love. The girl moved away to a different country then comes back. Do you think he’ll leave his girlfriend for his ex who he was madly in love with?
    When I say upper hand I mean more of an advantage. An advantage to getting the guy back.

  • Maggie:

    My boyfriends ex girlfriend is practically best friends with his older sister,
    and very close with his mum and they talk all the time.
    I’ve had massive issues with his ex as she has been very schemey in attempts to get him back.
    I find it awkward to bond with his family now.
    Ive been with him for 9 months now
    Any advice???
    5 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.

    I really want to bond better with his family but i don’t know how to go about it. They are closer with his ex.

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