How can i Forget About My Ex Girlfriend Now? Separation Tips to Help Men Move On With Their Lives

It doesn’ t matter if you were the one to do the breaking up or if you were dumped – break ups suck and that is just the cold hard truth. They leave you with this intense pain in your coronary heart and it affects everything you do in your entire day. You can’ t eat, a person can’ t sleep and you just can’ t do anything that you want mainly because, out of nowhere, you start thinking about the girl and it drives you crazy. When will it end?

Everyone you talk to maintains telling you that it will go away on time but you don’ t have period. You want it to go away now because you are fed up with it. You don’ t want to feel this particular pain in your heart for a time longer. You just want to forget about her and move on. How do you do that? How do you overlook your ex girlfriend now?

You will be pleased and relieved to know that there are breakup tips to help men move on with their lives and they are among the best ways to get a fresh start. Now, you can move on and you can forget about her. You don’ t have to feel like this is a burden on your life for another time. It’ s time to move on and then you’re ready.

The first breakup tip for men is to get out there and enjoy life. Sitting at home is not doing you worthwhile. If you want to forget about her, you need to distract yourself. Do something you have always desired to do but were hindered due to your relationship. That way, you get satisfaction doing something that you have always desired to do and you finally get to obtain that freedom. Being single could be wonderful and this is the first phase to remind you of that.

The second tip to forget about your ex is to literally get her out of your life permanently. Don’ t keep her number in your phone, block and remove her off Facebook and stop talking to her friends. You know you are only using her friends to get information on her and that is not healthy. If you really want to stop thinking about her, you should remove her from all areas of your life. Don’ t go to the pubs that she goes to and avoid anywhere that you think you might run into the girl. This will help, tremendously.

The final way to move on out of your breakup and truly start a new chapter is to take a vacation. Sometimes, all of us just need a break. Even if you can’ t afford a vacation, take a road trip someplace out of town with your boys for a hunting or fishing trip. Take action testosterone filled and fun. Expense only act as a great stress reliever but it will, more importantly, distract you and give you the fresh change of scenery that you need.

Getting through a breakup can be hard but it doesn’ t need to take all of that time that people keep referring to. Use these tips to move on quickly and forget about your ex girlfriend now.

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  • Chester:

    Me and my now ex-girlfriend broke up like 2 days ago because she didn’t love me anymore and she was feeling very guilty for making out with a guy while we were on break. Ever since than it’s like we were faking it, arguing a lot and being very distant. I have been trying to avoid the break up for ages because I unconditionally love her to bits and I still do. I miss her so much.

    So she has always texted back, and I have been trying to act as friendly and “calm” as possible and not sounding obsessed or upset or provoking what so ever. But I have a gut feeling that this won’t make her come back, or love me again. I am really scared that she will just forget about me in a couple of days because she is very sociable, and occasionally gets drunk. Guys are all over her too, it’s not hard for her to get a hook and I am scared shitless.

    Anything I can do or am I just building sand castles in my head that this will sort itself out and we can be a couple again ??
    I meant to say that “So far she has always texted FIRST”

    Dunno if it will make a difference but I am desperate :(

  • Ev dog:

    My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend sent him wine. He lied and said it was from a friend, but after I confronted him he said they were from his ex-gilfriend and that he didnt have control over it. I was jealous but dissapointed more than anything. It was a trust issue for me. What do you guys think? Should I forget him?

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