Today, Choose Your Partner Yourself Without Your Parent’s Intervention!

The western world has long believed in the arranged marriage of individuals. There has been an open modern society existing for a long time and as a result there was actually no need to look for matchmaking.

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  • Rishi:

    What about Central and South America? Can someone give me an answer that would convince me that Central and South America are not in the west?

  • airdogspace2:

    how has chinese food translated over to the western world ???

    i know its a pretty broad question but i cant find any articles about it on the net…can any one help me ??

  • sam N:

    HELLO friends, I am recently months feeling hatred for the western society and lifestyle. I work all day and I have no motivation now, because Im single never had girlfriend and all the girls in the uk and western world I see are sleep with different men, they are materalistic and have no morals like the old generation, I am also fed up with this behaviour of drunk and ignorant lifestyle Im very sad recently, I pray to God and he mabie has plans for me I dont know but Im not like it here and I dont fit in and I dont have friends, I dont wear Nike fashion garments and I am dress like milatary man. If I had a good woman to settle down and marry I would be motivated but im very angry because Im 25 and should be married by now something is wrong, Im not violent person I am kind but I dont know why this world is mess now

    Vlad sorry my english also friends
    And dont say for go back home because I come here for send money for my family

  • Motordom:

    I’m in college and I’m planning on taking world history or west civilization next semester. I know western civilization is European history but doesnt world history cover that also. Can someone tell me the difference and similarities of the course?

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