Your boyfriend or girlfriend Boyfriend – Feel The Thrill Of getting Him Chase You Again

Remember how thrilled you had been when you first captured his attention and the man who is now your ex boyfriend began to chase you? However once you let him catch you, things began to change. You tried every method you could think of to show him how much you loved him, but your boyfriend seemed to get more and more distant and then he broke up with you. Why do this happen?

The most likely reason would be that you scared your ex boyfriend aside. When he started chasing you, he or she was attracted to you physically and when a person played hard to get, he used the challenge. What you failed to realize that getting you was more of a game in order to him than anything else. When you began telling and showing him how much in love you were, he run for the hills.

What had been a game in order to him had turned serious plus like most men he didn’ big t want to give up his freedom. Right after he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend may have doubts, but if you go right after him and demand that he talks to you, he will find somewhere to hide. Then if you continue to chase him, he may realize that he likes to have you tell him you can’ t reside without him.

This builds his self confidence, but he will also be experiencing the excitement of having a lovely woman like you pursue him. This has probably never happened to your ex boyfriend before. He has frequently done the chasing and sensed the pain of rejection and this is certainly his big moment. That is you should know you can’ t chase a man after a breakup. He may keep enjoying it and let you keep running after him forever.

As long as you are chasing him, he doesn’ t have to worry about shedding you because he knows where you are and what you are doing at all times. He won’ big t feel the pain of missing a person because you are always around and he still has his precious freedom. The only way to get your ex back is to create him think you don’ big t want him anymore.

If you stop running after your ex and start leading a lifetime without him, the whole picture modifications. The man who broke up with you will start wondering why you stopped loving him. He will start seeing what life is like without you and begin to miss a person. This won’ t happen overnight, so you have to be strong and have endurance because your ex boyfriend will have to make a decision.

He will have to decide if being with you is more essential than his freedom. This won’ t be an easy choice pertaining to him because his roving gene will fight to the end. Nevertheless , if he is really in love with the decision will be in your favor and you will shortly feel the thrill of having your ex boyfriend chase you again.

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  • joevsyou:

    I Guess i’ll start with stating I just got a girlfriend just over a month ago and I thought I loved her but I don’t think i do anymore. I met her a few months ago and it was going great but she had a boyfriend for 2.7 years and I really wanted to date her and she knew it so we would always flirt and one day i finally kissed her and it was fantastic. After a few months of this one night at about two in the morning she sent me a text saying i’m single but it didn’t hit me until the next morning i woke up and remembered so i ran to a flower shop got a rose and gave it to her as soon as i saw her and asked her out and she said yes, but a year or two ago I started falling for this one girl but sadly she didn’t feel at all the same way for me, I was with her constantly for months and we had a lot in common but eventually I just… sorta.. gave up I guess. And now all this time later i started thinking about her again and, well, i still love her. So for the first time in over a year i had no clue what to do so i just sent her a text that said “Hey.Do you still have my number?” And she surprisingly replied “Hey, wow haven’t heard from you in a while.. What’s up?” I was nearly in shock. So i said “Wow I just wanted to talk to you, we should hang out again sometime.” and she never replied. But I realized that before i gave up… the way she acted if i would have tried something she might have given me a chance but anyway she’s done with me so i’m stuck loving a girl that wont talk to me and dating a girl that i’m.. I don’t know how to describe it… bored of, but we’ve done a lot of stuff so i don’t want her to feel used.
    I don’t know what to do but i want things to change so someone please suggest something… i’m clueless?

  • ScRSC:

    Heres the story… Im now 17 and last year i feel absouletly in love with a girl that I have never felt with any other girl. This was the first girl I felt without saying to my friend “Dude I wanna bang her” she was the very first girl I actualy hung out with several times before having that one “Magical Kiss”, As nice as this story sounds, it never was like this. She liked someone before I talked to her and I knew i should back off, but after constantly seeing her i couldnt help but admire her beauty. She had played me 3 times back and forth with me and him, but then finally settled for a scuzzy pothead. Now in the past 1 1/2 i have tried things to forget her, but the pain is to hard to fill. Girls are not the same as she was and never will be. I still remember are first conversation, her laugh, and her pretty smile. Im a junior now with a semester left, someone please help me, Im still in love with her, but shes really in love with her boyfriend. I wanna be happy again. I have tried drinking myself to happiness, and multiple times done anything to get rid of the pain, Please I cant live like this.
    Seth, in ways I dont want to admit, your right… Im 17 and all ive been doing is chasing the thrill. Wanting looks over anything else.

  • Lachlan:

    Me and my girlfriend has been seeing each other for about 6 months now, we’re happy together(some arguments from time to time).
    when we first started to see each other I didn’t know she had a boyfriend ( she cheated on him and left him for me). She told me that we was gonna break up with him anyways and that she hated him and never wanted to talk to him ever again.
    we had an argument a few days ago and she didn’t want to talk to me about it and contacted her ex, added him on facebook, saved his number on the phone etc,etc. Today i checked thru her phone while she was at the toilet, I feel dumb for doing that, but I recently noticed that she “hides” when she is talking to ppl on her phone.
    well today i saw that they have been talking quite a bit, texting, sending hearts and shit to each other, they also met up the other day w/o me knowing it….
    she lives in an other town about an hour away so keeping track of what she is doing isn’t the easiest thing!
    I dont want to be seen as a creepy stalker or anything I just want her to stop contacting him, and talking to her will just make her mad and then she’ll start telling me that I do everything wrong and that I hurt her all the time etc,etc…

  • Bryant B:

    I’m generally a very happy person and content with my life. The only thing I have a problem with is my love life! Everytime I meet a guy they end up being total users and waste of time! I’ve counted since my last disaster and it’s been 5!!! 5 guys who have made out they really like me then just dumped me with no explanation. Why does this always happen to me?? I know that im obviously meeting the wrong blokes but why when I think I’ve met someone decent they turn out to be the worst?!

    First I met a guy who was much older than me and I thought he was great, after seeing me a couple of times he just stopped all contact… was my boyfriend of 3 years but even he broke up with me coz his parents dident agree with my caste. So even though he said he loved me he dident love me enough as he left me. And the worst thing was all the time we were together he completely controlled me and used to tell me what to do, what to wear, what to say and who to see. I changed my whole personality to please him and he still left me!

    Third was a really cute guy that I went to school with, we got chatting again on facebook and he seemed the perfect gentleman! But even he after a few dates texted me saying he just wanted to be friends (later I found out he already had a girlfriend abroad so he was two-timing).

    Fourth was a guy I was first friends with, he used to call me up all night and we’d talk for ages, and he used to flirt with me sending poems and things, things developed and he seemed pretty serious about me but once again one morning he just texted me saying ‘sorry my parents don’t agree with ur caste and take care see u later’ I was fuming! He dident even bother calling or seeing me to explain. I had to call him like 100 times and try and see him but he just cut me right off. I emailed him loads and he just replied with ‘im sorry whats happened get over it move on leave me alone!’ All I wanted was an explanation. If he wanted to split coz of his parents fair enough but the way he told me!! If he’d sat me down or rang me and told me properly I’d leave it alone but to just send me a text after everything he said was just unbelievable!

    The 5th guy wasn’t my boyfriend but a friend. I got to know him through facebook then realised we both worked at the same place but different depts. We chatted regularly met for lunches and I thought he was a funny and kind person. But when I started work as a temp in his dept he completely ignored me!! Wouldn’t even acknowledge I was there and when I tried to talk to him he’d say ‘im sorry im busy’ when I challenged him as to why he was doing this he came out with a feeble excuse that his work is really important and it’s the only thing he’s good at so he cant stop and talk and he’s just a different person at work and that everyone looks up to him for help and he just can’t explain but its weird. Like him talking to me was compromising his job! I was totally gutted and disappointed that someone who I thought was my friend was blanking me so badly. So I just don’t get it!!!

    I know im a mug for thinking good of people and they just walk all over me. I don’t act like a crazy person when im with a guy infact I always give my all and try to be the nicest girlfriend. My friends often tell me im too trusting and naïve but just when I think I’ve met the decent one, he does me over worse than the one before!!! I also don’t sleep with any of these guys if your thinking that im just easy and once they’ve had me they dump me! So I just don’t know why this happens…I am really sick of men now and so sick of the way they treat me and there not even sorry. What should I do or what should I change?? I’m just fed up and it gets me down but I don’t want to feel down about those loser guys. I know im pretty and smart enough to have a normal relationship with a guy but I just keep getting it wrong! Any advice???

  • floydian8717:

    EVERY guy I’ve liked didn’t like me back. One even accused me of stalking. I have have always suffered from low self esteem growing up. I was sexually abused twice by a family member at 8 and almost raped at 15. I was always told that no guy will ever like me and that no one really wants to be with or seen with me…and it’s been true in my experience. I lost 85 lbs recently so I have a new figure and yes I get a lot of attention from guys now. Still I grew up feeling ugly and believing no one would like me. And it was hard to to shake that off. I have slowly moved on from my self esteem issues and slowly they’re getting better. I remember I liked a guy and asked for his number. He didn’t give it to me and I offered mine but he said it’s in a rush. Another guy I liked in November 2012 did not like me. I asked him to wait for me but he just left quickly and I’ve never saw him again. I liked a guy last year into now but he accused me of following him although he was following me. I assumed he liked me and there were signs that he did indeed “like” me and I also heard the people he worked with mentioning so. I was nothing but nice to all of them anyway. I’m not acting entitled to them or anything and yes, I understand rejection but I want to know how to lessen it.

    Well that’s what happened with them. And I usually get over them but I can’t help but feel that I push guys away and I can’t figure what it is. I recently slept with a guy who has a girlfriend but he said he was single and not with her. I had to end it though because it wasn’t right and I needed to respect myself. Then, a guy I had a class with (he was 26), said he liked me but then I knew it was a lie because he stopped texting me, so I already knew he was lying. It’s like I read so much into the signals when nothing was ever there. I slept with two different guys twice but none we my boyfriend’s nor did I ever like them in that way. Yet, I’m usually right 99% of the time when a guy fakes interest in me. He really doesn’t and pretends to like me, even those who seem like “good guys”. I even read a self help book like “Why Men Love B*tches” by Sherry Argov. I guess I came off as a too nice doormat who did too much. I also figure I need to stop pursuing men altogether because the majority want to pursue anyway.

    Sometimes I get over crushes quickly sometimes and I know this will surely pass. I think I might have been around them too much or wanted their attention. Even if I’ve been nice to them. I don’t understand because I try to know them first as a friend before considering dating them. So why am I right when they don’t like me? What is so bad that I’m doing? I’ve never had a a boyfriend before and I’m 19 almost. I don’t know how to make it stop…for the future.

    I really will take your advice into consideration, so please no harsh comments. Thank you.

  • arronwrath:

    we’re 17, still at school. ok we’ve known each other for a year now. and have been going out for 3 and a half months now. everything was perfect, he was so romantic, we’d used to call each other everyday and talk for hours and hours. we would see eachother like twice a week, but now, we havnt spoken for 3 days, and we havnt seen each other in 2 weeks. and we had our 1st fight just over a week ago, him saying that i always think about myself, and he wants his freedom because he says i hold him back from doing things he wants to do.
    thats our other major problem… girls love him, and i feel uncomfortable the fact that sluty girls try to get onto him. his surrounded by these girls everyday, and one time a girl kissed him and was about to go down on him. he pushed her away, but at the same time, he did want it. because i wont do those sort of things. his had sex before. i havn’t and dont plan to til marriage. im christian, his not. he says he misses bj’s and those sort things, he respects that i dont want to do that, but he is really “desperate” for it. being a guy it would be i guess. a few weeks ago when we were kissing, the girl that kissed him the other day called his cell phone and it really killed the moment, i asked him why his still in contact with her when i asked him to loose contact with her. he said she doesnt leave him alone. how can i believe these things? yes he is a boyslut, as people call him, but i was here to help him out, to be a good kid again, but looks like his fed up of me. i’m trying, i might be a little bit of a control freak telling him that i hate when he talks to other girls, and going into a storage room with his ex girlfriend when i was right there? we are very different, his a good liar, and it doesnt help i hear rumours from other people saying that his cheating on me and sleeping with other girls. this hurts me a lot. i love him very much, but he says the thrill of us has gone. cuz we’ve gone up to 2nd base, and he wants 3rd base. i dont want to get hurt, but i want him to change into a better person, to someone who isnt mistreated the way he is right now. he is a sweet guy, funny and caring, he has a good heart. but showing everyone the bad side to him.
    he tells me that i’m differnt from the other girls his been with, he says they were flings, and he says im the one for him, and we could have a future with each other. he says his madly in love with me, and used to tell me alot.
    he goes to outings with other girls, even ex’s. yes i do have a problem with this because i have something they dont… virginity. get what im saying? he goes to the movies with a bunch of girls he bearly knows, and plans to go to a waterfall swimming with them… is this normal? should i be paranoid? i feel like something is going to happen, and i dont like other girls turning him on with their hot bodies and thin bikinis. he is a natural flirt afterall, quite average looking, but no one has his amazing green eyes. my friends say i should dump him, because obviously im not happy, but i love him, and i feel like im in his life for a reason, and not to give up on him… he says he just wants me to be happy… well im not. and his like a womanizer… haha yea… this bothers me so much… what should i do guys??? i need help! im going to organise this weekend to see him so i can tell him how i feel about things… but should i continue this or just end it? =S
    yours truely,
    a very worried girlfriend =(

  • kevindiking67verizonnet:

    I’ve been getting on quite well with a girl at work. We help each other out, chat a lot, confide in each other and have a laugh with each other. She also has a boyfriend.

    She recently told me that I’m a good friend, she couldn’t survive at work without me. She also said that I am a great support for her, motivate her at work, her studies and private life and she wants that to continue. She also said I give her too many compliments, which I disagreed with. I also told her that I only see her as a friend, nothing more. She also said she didn’t want to complicate the situation at work, as we work together. When I said I don’t fancy her, she said she was relieved.

    When a friend told her I have a crush on her, her only reaction was that she didn’t understand why I thought she fancied me, as she’s happy with her boyfriend. She didn’t reject the idea of us being together as a couple.

    I feel we are getting too close as she has a boyfriend, but she won’t let me push her away, no matter what I say or do. E.g I tell her we should have less contact, which she always says no too. She just tolerates me no matter what I say or do to her! She said it’s not because we work together.

    When she got her new job, I didn’t congratulate her straight away, which offended her loads and we had a massive argument. We also had 2 big arguments when I said I wouldn’t attend her leaving drinks.

    At the leaving drinks we didn’t speak to each other or dance with other all night. When I danced with 1 girl, she came over and pulled her off me! On other nights out, she chats to everyone and always hugs them goodbye, except me! When I asked if I could meet her mates, she just said no and changed the subject.

    I spoke with her best mate who told me that she always argues with her boyfriend continuously and doesn’t know if she wants to be with him, as he cheated on her for a long time, so she doesn’t fully trust him. She also said that she believes that she wants to remain only friends, but agrees that she has been giving out signs to me, pulling me in closer slowly and is not sure what could happen between us. She also said that she will keep in touch with me regularly and want to meet up, possibly getting even closer. Then something could happen, especially as we’re not working together anymore. Her friend found it strange that she won’t let me put space between us.

    She also said she wouldn’t let me just walk out of her life, even if I tried. I sometimes feel like a substitute boyfriend, which her best mate could see why.

    1. Should I walk away and not contact her again?
    2. Does she like me more than friends?
    3. Why does she tolerate me and not let me push her away?
    4. Why does she ignore me on nights out and never hugs me goodbye?
    5. What does she want from me?

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